Welcome & Visitors Information Center

2018 brings new happenings to our Welcome & Visitors Information Center.

We look forward to serving as the hub for all new residents to our wonderful city. The City’s neighborhood program is working closely with us so that together we can determine how to roll out services that will enhance and compliment activities and resources that are already in place.
An Executive Relocation Packet is under discussion and opportunities for advertising and sponsorship will be available for those interested in getting their business in the hand of new residents.

Remember the old “Welcome Wagon” days of past? Well, we just might be thinking about how a virtual welcome wagon might come into play for new folks to our town. Think video, webinar, electronic delivery of great local and important information. Let’s say “We’re glad you have made Beaverton your home” in innovative and creative ways. Keep on the look out for more information as the year progresses. If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them. Email Evelyn and she’d love to share them with the team.