Put Your Mask on First - Performance Leadership

“Leaders should spend half their time growing themselves and half growing their business.” Randy Gravitt


At the WACE conference I heard a talk on Performance Leadership by Randy Gravitt. A few things stood out to me.

-One out of three people are now considered “High Maintenance” – Customer expectations are off the chart, so how will organizations survive?

  1. Bet on Leadership. Growing leaders grow organizations. You must be growing yourself personally and professionally. There are so many choices today – podcasts, webinars, old fashioned books, conferences and trainings. Just keep learning! Put your mask on first so you can help others.
  2. Act as One. Align your team. Know what your vision is, what your values are, have a strategy and systems in place combined with a structure that will achieve.
  3. Engagement will Always Energize Effort. Define your community. Make sure your “place” is a place where people know and are known. Where they serve and are served, love and are loved and celebrate and grieve together. All of these things will create engagement on your team.
  4. And………Excel at Execution. You are the model. You are the leader.

What can you do to take your organization to a new height this year? I’d love to hear an idea or two.