Make Change Happen and Now, Build a Great Business

I had the privilege of hearing Mark Thompson, co-author of Now, Build a Great Business at WACE this year. It is a great book if you haven’t read it and is co-authored with Brian Tracy.

He shared 6 choices all businesses must make if they are to become great.

1. Build great partnerships – a reminder that technology will never replace personal relationships but it can and will differentiate you from the pack if you use it wisely and consistently.

2. Be a role model – Be relevant to your customer’s needs. Ensure a level of transparency and intimacy.

3. Develop yourself. We must constantly be working on re-inventing our businesses and stop worrying about being perfect! Just get better each day.

4. You must build trust. Keys to building trust:
When you make a mistake be honest with your customer and be responsible.
Be responsive. Silence is no longer golden.
Be reliable, consistent and strive for world class.

5. Know how you define success and more importantly how your customers do. The dictionary states success around money, fame and power. When interviewing business leaders from around the world they found otherwise. He asked our audience and we answered: Living your honor code, following your values and beliefs,