Health & Science School Needs YOU!

Health & Science School (HS2) would like to invite you to participate in our annual studentPassages presentations on May 3rd & May 4th, 2018 다운로드!

Every year, each 8th grade and 12th grade student prepares a presentation called aPassage 윈도우 한글 다운로드. During this presentation you will have the opportunity to hear about their unique Middle School or High School experience. Passages are not only a celebration of our students’ journey, but also an opportunity for students to reflect on their entire Middle School or High School career 다운로드.

Former volunteers have reported being honored and humbled by student stories heard during Passages and return year after year to witness student success 다운로드. Please join us during this important time to support our students as they venture into the next chapter of their life journey.

As part of the Passage Panel you will participate in a brief orientation where you will review your role and have the opportunity to ask questions about the process. If your schedule does not allow you be here for the designated block please select “other” and we will reach out to you to discuss when you can participate 다운로드.

Once you complete the sign up process we will send you a confirmation email at least two weeks prior to Passage presentations 삼성뮤직 음악 다운로드. Your participation is valued and appreciated. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please read the HS2 Exhibitions of Learning Information Brochure CLICK HERE 다운로드!