Exports are Key to our Growth!

We had a great guest speaker, Sean Robbins, Greater Portland Inc., this past Tuesday at our monthly luncheon. It was great to hear about their new strategic plan and branding process underway that is going to most importantly focus on retention and expansion of jobs in our region. Recruitment is always on the table, but as Sean said, the idea that Oregon will recruit a Fortune 500 Company is really rediculous. But……..we can focus in on what makes sense and supply chain companies that feed our larger Intel’s, Nike’s etc.
The Portland-Metro area is unique and we have tremendous assets that make sense for specific clusters. We have thinkers (highly educated & creative workforce), we have makers (great manufactures) and we have the means to get goods delivered all around the world (access via our ports). This is a huge edge they will be working to capitalize on.
They have just launched an Export initiative. Currently Oregon exports $22billion per year. If we can increase that by just $1billion – that translates to over 5,000 new jobs!

Thanks Sean for a great update and we’re glad you are here!