Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

Celebrate your business through a ribbon cutting! Learn what all is included and who qualifies to host one through the Beaverton Chamber

The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce conducts Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies as a complimentary service (a $200 value) for Chamber partners at the Power, Premier, and Visionary Partner levels. Ceremonies can be performed as a stand-alone event or as a part of an Open House or Grand Opening. We bring the camera, official scissors and, of course, the ribbon!

Contact Mike Luyten – mike@beaverton.org or 503 350 2007

When would a business hold a Ribbon Cutting?

  • If your business is at the Power, Premier, or Visionary Partnership Levels, the Ribbon Cutting is complimentary
  • If you are within the first year of opening your business
  • If you are within a year of purchasing an existing business
  • If your business recently moved or has been remodeled

What are the benefits of holding a Ribbon Cutting?

  • Holding a Ribbon Cutting is a great opportunity for you to create public awareness about your business
  • A Ribbon Cutting also gives you the opportunity to thank your contractors, lenders and other support businesses who were involved in assisting you in opening or remodeling your business
  • Your Ribbon Cutting can be a time to show future customers ‘behind the scenes’ areas of your business

What the Chamber does:

  • Sends out an email to chamber Ambassadors, Chamber Board Members and City dignitaries to notify them of your Ribbon Cutting
  • Promotes the event in the Chamber Calendar available to all our Chamber partners and the public
  • Provides the giant scissors and ribbon to cut
  • Attends the Ribbon Cutting and takes a photo of the cutting
  • Posts the photo on the Chamber Facebook page

Typically our Ambassadors and Partnership Director attend. On occasion, the Chamber President, Chair of the Board, Mayor of Beaverton, City Councilors, County Commissioners and Board Members attend as well. Attendance is dependent on availability of the participants.

What the Member Business does:

  • Coordinates the date and time of the Ribbon Cutting with the Membership Director of the Chamber. To avoid date and time conflicts, it’s best to set a date well in advance, six to eight weeks is optimal. It is also preferred to coordinate with the Chamber before scheduling, and advertising your Ribbon Cutting.
  • We strongly encourage you to schedule your Ribbon Cutting early in the morning or after 4pm to avoid conflicts and give our partners the opportunity to support the event.
  •  Invite neighboring businesses and community.
  • You may provide any refreshments for those in attendance – this is entirely up to you
  • Prepare an agenda and anything you might like to say (See below.)
  • Provide background information on your company ahead of time to those who are speaking so they can prepare remarks.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Your agenda could be something like this…
    1. Welcome Guests – done by a Chamber representative
    2. Introduction of Chamber Representatives in attendance, dignitaries, Chamber Staff.
    3. Introduction of the owner, president, manager, company rep.
    4. Congratulatory Remarks – from Chamber or other dignitaries – these are very brief (1-3 minutes)
    5. Cut the ribbon – usually done by dignitaries and head company rep, some choose to have all employees do the cutting
    6. Thank you for attending – by a company rep
    7. Intro on the company – done by a company rep – Explain what you do if a new business, about your new location – if a second location or a move, your hours; introduce your staff
    8. Then you offer everyone to come take a look at your facility or tour if appropriate.
    • The further ahead you contact us the more publicity we can give your event
    • Weekend grand openings (including Friday after 5:00) are harder for the Chamber to draw attendance to than weekday events – we strongly discourage them.
    • Keep in touch with the Chamber as your plans progress.
    • If you’ve asked for RSVP’s, people will typically wait until the last minute, or will show up without RSVP-ing.
    • Will parking be an issue? If so, please let us know where you would like guests to park so we can inform them in advance.