COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Business Resources

Resources for Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Keep your business strong, prepared and proactive

PPE Resource list – HERE

UPDATE 4.19.20 – Your Next Steps to Navigate the PPP Loan Crisis

Do you have questions about commercial leases? Check out our FAQ Resources

  • I can’t pay my small business’s rent because of COVID-19 closures and restrictions – English – Here

  • Preguntas frecuentes: No puedo pagar el alquiler de mi pequeña empresa debido a los cierres y las restricciones del COVID-19. ¿Qué debería hacer? – Spanish – Here

  • COVID-19 폐쇄 및 제한 조치로 인해 제가 운영하는 소규모 사업장의 임대료를 낼 수가 없습니다. 어떻게 해야 합니까? – Korean – Here

UPDATED 4.8.2020 – Lenders Accepting Paycheck Protection Program Applications in Oregon HERE

SELF-EMPLOYED INDIVIDUALS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR UI AND THE $600/WEEK ACCORDING TO THE CARE ACT as long as your unemployment is a result of the COVID-19 crisis – Read here on how to apply and what to expect.

US Chamber Information – HERE

  • Are you preparing to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program? Get your ducks lined up – here are somethings you will need (This is NOT finalized at this time)
  • PPP Application – (online)
  • Certificate of Beneficial Ownership –  (online)
  • Authorization to Release Information form – (online)
  • Franchise Agreement Copy if the business is a franchise
  • Current Organizational Documents – ie:  Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Certificate of Formation, Operating Agreement, etc…
  • Copies of Payroll Tax Reports filed with the IRS (eg:  Form 941, 940, State Income & Unemployment Tax Reports for all of 2019 and Q1-2020
  • Copies of Payroll Reports for Each Pay Period the Preceding 12-months
  • Documentation Reflecting any Health Insurance Premiums Paid by the Company under a Group Health Plan
  • Documentation of all Retirement Plan Funding by the Employer in the preceding 12-months prior to the date of the SBA Application

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