Chamber Testifies in Support of DDA for the Round

Let’s get the Round moving!

Last evening I testified on behalf of the board & membership 다운로드. Mistakes were made in the past and we applaud the Mayor & current Council and staff for taking advantage of current market conditions to really make a significant positive change 다운로드! Here’s my testimony.

Good evening Mayor Doyle and City Councilors.

For the record, my name is Lorraine Clarno, President and CEO of the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce Wav file download. I am here tonight on behalf of the Chamber’s board of directors and membership.

For nearly 10 years the development known as the Round has fallen short of its potential in terms of tenancy, value, new investment, and redevelopment stimulus 앱에서 파일 다운로드. Westgate and the properties around it have not developed as expected and the Central District has not materially-improved over the past decade.