Chamber Award Partners for 2017

When “Thank You” Just isn’t ENOUGH! 

It was an honor and privilege for Chair Troy Cunningham and President/CEO Lorraine Clarno to present our 2017 Chamber Partner awards Friday, January 12 다운로드.

From left to right, we have Cindy Bahl of Dirkse Counseling & Consulting – our 2017 Ambassador of the Year. Cindy has been an Ambassador for 2 years and has come on strong from day 1 다운로드. Her colleagues nominated and voted for her in recognition of her steadfast spirit and volunteerism. Cindy’s selfless dedication to the Chamber and her fellow Ambassadors is stellar and what we all should aspire to 다운로드.

Melissa Larson of the Beaverton School District is our Rising Star for 2o17. The Rising Star is a younger professional that has dove head first into their community and is making a difference at every turn 다운로드. Melissa has been a part of 100 Strong in Beaverton from its inception and stepped on to serve on the leadership team. She shares the 100 Strong mission and cause where ever she goes Abbyy download. She personally has participated in every “outside” project the ladies have done – such as PHC, the Purse Drive, the Scarf Project, Rebuilding Together day – and always recruits her friends and family to do good as well 다운로드. She doesn’t stop there. She is involved far outside of her scope of work at the BSD. She is a true giver and insprirer.

Shout out to PayneWest Insurance and Steve Smelley 온디스크 30일 무제한 다운로드! They are the Beaverton Chamber’s 2017 Community Partner of the Year. PayneWest and their local team have jumped in feet first since landing in Beaverton 3 years ago 제로보드4 다운로드. Their mission and calling is to serve the clients, colleagues and communities. And……..they do it WELL! PayneWest has been a Visionary Partner of ours since 2009 다운로드. They are committed to Beaverton. Steve serves on the Business Advocacy Council and the Candidate Endorsement Council. His team members have been a part of Direct*CONNECT and 100 Strong 워프레임 무료 다운로드. They volunteer out in the community with the Oregon Food Bank and more. We are so proud to have them as a part of our Chamber family!

When Sharon & Craig Brubaker came north to Beaverton and purchased the Emily Andrews Portrait Studio they immediately joined the Chamber and made a commitment to get engaged and involved in Beaverton. They noticed a gap and knew they could do more. Ever since their first day they have answered the phone of dozens on non-profits and assisted them pro-bono in getting professional photography of their staff, volunteers and their events completed. They are our 2017 GO-Givers of the Year. Their spirit of generosity is sure to return to them in spades. Thank you Craig & Sharon!