Political Action Committee

Promoting healthy business climate, and supporting Beaverton's economic vitality, and encouraging partner participation the governmental process.

The BACCPAC is the acronym for the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee.

The Chamber’s involvement in issues advocacy goes back decades and our endorsement of candidates for local office began in 2008 다운로드.

The purpose of BACCPAC is to support the mission of the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce (the ‘Chamber’) to promote the development and maintenance of a healthy business climate and encourage economic vitality in the Beaverton area; and, consistent with the policy of the Chamber, encourage partner participation in the state and local governmental process through:

  1. Financing of campaigns for state and local office and ballot measures,
  2. Transferring funds to other state and local political committees, and
  3. Providing financial assistance in the elective process to individuals, associations, and organizations that support the mission of the Chamber 유튜브 레드 음악 다운로드.

We are a grass roots PAC! Each member can make a huge difference in helping us to ensure a vibrant place to do business with leaders that support business 필리아의 아르바이트 모바일 다운로드. Contributions are accepted year round and can be made by check (payable to BACCPAC). Or donate $25 online 다운로드!

Our GOAL: For every member of the BACC to contribute $25 or more annually to strengthen the voice of business in Beaverton scite4autohotkey.

Your 2020 BACCPAC members are:

  • Stephen Smelley, Goldfinch Consulting, Chair
  • Amy Saberiyan, Ava Roasteria, Treasurer
  • Troy Cunningham, Next Stage Payments
  • Rhonda Reister, RLC Connections
  • Christine Moore, Beaverton Valley Times
  • Dianne Danowski Smith, Publix NW