Overview of the educational institutions available in the Beaverton Area.

Schools & Colleges

Families in Beaverton are served by the Beaverton School District, the third largest district in Oregon. With enrollment of over 35,000 students in 46 schools, the Beaverton School District proves its high standards repeatedly in standardized tests 젤다의 전설 꿈꾸는 섬 다운로드. Students of all ages enjoy a low student-to-teacher ratio, averaging 25 students to each teacher. Additionally, public education in the Beaverton School District leaves students well-prepared and eagerly anticipating college 다운로드. In 2005, 91% of high school seniors in the district reported that they plan to attend college. Beaverton students benefit from the strong bond between the community and the school district; all 46 schools have easy access to the latest technology Mega download.

Public Schools

Private Schools

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