Ambassador Profile - Meet Tom Peekema

Tom Peekema of SMB Financial Services loves connecting with people from businesses and organizations in the Beaverton area

Title on Ambassadors Committee: Member

Name: Tom Peekema

Business: SMB Financial Services

Job Title: Certified Financial Planner™

Contact info: (503) 387-3222

Years in current role/with employer or industry: 9 years

How long have you been a Chamber Ambassador? 8 years

What do you like best about being an Ambassador? Connecting with people from businesses and organizations in the Beaverton area.

What is an important change that has occurred in your industry in the past year? Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017.

What is your favorite product or service that your company provides and why? Financial Planning  –  Helping people envision and improve their financial future.

If you could own/operate another local business, What would it be? A flight charter operation.

What or who is your “go-to” person or place for business and professional advice? Burton Malkiel (Emeritus Professor of Economics at Princeton University).

What’s your favorite sport team or movie? Top Gun

What is your favorite hobby or what do you do for fun? Golf

What’s something on your bucket list? Hiking in Patagonia