Ambassador Profile - Meet Tom Higham

Tom Higham of Travel by Tom Higham loves contributing to the business and chamber community

Title on Ambassadors Committee: Member

Name: Tom Higham

Business: Travel by Tom Higham

Job Title: Owner

Contact info: (503) 484-8842

Years in current role/with employer or industry: 50 years this year!

How long have you been a Chamber Ambassador? 8 years

What do you like best about being an Ambassador? I like the combination of developing relationships, meeting new people and contributing to the business and chamber community here in Beaverton.

What is an important change that has occurred in your industry in the past year? Yes, my industry constantly changes each week as you come to learn to adapt and that there is “nothing more constant than change itself.”

What is your favorite product or service that your company provides and why? I see a greater emphasis in how people can be more comfortable when they travel and my role is educating travelers how to take advantage of these new opportunities.

If you could own/operate another local business, What would it be? Create a delivery and on-call shuttle service for seniors.

What or who is your “go-to” person or place for business and professional advice? I tend to gain great advice from those older than myself as they seem to have great council. I have followed this principle most of my life.

What’s your favorite sport team or movie? Love the Oregon State Beavers. Thought the movie, “Dunkirk” and “Darkest Hour” (about Churchill) were great. “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Before Midnight” and “Under the Tuscan Sun” are always fun movies.

What is your favorite hobby or what do you do for fun? I am a musician and enjoy playing at almost weekly events. Performing and practicing with The Beat Goes On Marching Band is very enjoyable.

What’s something on your bucket list? To go away for about a month and live in another community either near or far for another perspective on life.