Ambassador Profile - Meet Rene Miller

Rene Miller of Sunny Life Wellness loves giving back to the community

Title on Ambassadors Committee: Chair

Name: Rene Miller

Business: Sunny Life Wellness

Job Title: Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Coach

Contact info: (503) 804-4683

Years in current role/with employer or industry: 1.5 years

How long have you been a Chamber Ambassador 다운로드? 5 years

What do you like best about being an Ambassador? I enjoy connecting with our members, giving back to the community, and the visibility it provides for my business 다운로드.

What is an important change that has occurred in your industry in the past year? More people becoming aware of what a health & wellness coach can do for them to help them reach their goals 다운로드.

What is your favorite product or service that your company provides and why? Personalized one-on-one nutritional consulting and coaching 아동 도서 다운로드. I love working one-on-one with people and seeing positive changes taking place.

If you could own/operate another local business, What would it be qcs? Graphic design. I’ve always enjoyed creating and designing, although I don’t have any education or training in that field.

What or who is your “go-to” person or place for business and professional advice flask 파일 업로드? The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce, of course!

What’s your favorite sport team or movie? Favorite movie of all time is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We watch it every year over the holidays 다운로드.

What is your favorite hobby or what do you do for fun? Playing tennis!

What’s something on your bucket list? I’d love to visit Santorini, Greece 시계 위젯 다운로드. It looks spectacular!