Ambassador Profile - Meet Alec Ramsey

Alec Ramsey of Southwest Office Supply and Interiors loves being a part of a collaborative team that works to grow local community business!

Title on Ambassadors Committee: Member

Name: Alec Ramsey

Business: Southwest Office Supplies

Job Title: New Business Development and Account Management

Contact info: (503) 989-8141

Years in current role/with employer or industry: 1

How long have you been a Chamber Ambassador? 2 Months

What do you like best about being an Ambassador? Being a part of a collaborative team that works together to grow local community business and has a lot of fun doing it!

What is an important change that has occurred in your industry in the past year? There are now more hidden fees associated with getting goods delivered to the work places and there are higher and higher level of organizations not being transparent when it comes to the service and price.

What is your favorite product or service that your company provides and why? I love that we have been able to move into the safety supply, janitorial and sanitation categories. It really allows us to service our customers in a more wholistic way and help reduce some of their stress when it comes to procurement.

If you could own/operate another local business, What would it be? I would love to be a clinic manager, my back ground is in healthcare and helping folks with their health needs has also been a strong calling to me.

What or who is your “go-to” person or place for business and professional advice? Currently it would be my bosses Paul and John Savory. They have been extremely influential in helping me grow in this new role.

What’s your favorite sport team or movie? Favorite team is the Pittsburg Steelers and my Movie would be Arrival

What is your favorite hobby or what do you do for fun? I ski raced for a very long time but still love to do it recreationally

What’s something on your bucket list? To be able to ski in South America, Asia and Europe