See what our partners have to say about us.

What are Partners saying about us?

Membership in the BACC builds, improves and protects my business. Of course networking opportunities abound–the most active Chamber I have ever encountered!–but it’s the other elements that have a greater impact. High quality training and seminars are provided at little-to-no cost–a significant value to a small business like mine. The BACC is on top of political issues that directly effect my business. They monitor new taxes, legislation that limits my ability to grow, and candidates who support business. I don’t have time to manage it all..I have a business to run! The BACC is a vital part of my agency.”
– Wendi Eiland, WENDI EILAND AGENCY, INC. ~ American Family Insurance

The Beaverton Area Chamber is all about CONNECTIONS.
Connections to other Chamber members – or people they know, that need your product or service. And connections to skilled vendors of services I need to further my business success: Webmaster, computer service, attorney, printer, marketing, and much more. And connections for one’s life needs: recreation, travel, real estate, investment planning, insurance, house maintenance and design, flowers, fitness and fun. And connections to other members who freely give their advice and share their resources and experiences. Beaverton Area Chamber is a place to connect, meet, and learn. A place to do business with people you trust and people who trust you.
– Steve Walton, Shades Of The Future, Inc.

“Our longstanding membership in the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce has been a huge factor in helping us solidify our presence and grow market share in Beaverton. The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce has been a great resource for many of our employees to grow professionally, through programs such as Leadership Beaverton and the many other networking opportunities. As a mid-sized business based in Beaverton, we are thankful that the Beaverton Chamber maintains a laser focus on advocating for a healthy business environment in Beaverton and Washington County.”
– Scott Burgess, President/CEO, Rivermark Community Credit Union

“Joining the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce has given me the best possible opportunity to know the business and civic leaders in the city of Beaverton. If I want to buy something from one of the businesses in Beaverton they know who I am and they try harder to make sure that they take good care of me. I try to have at least 80% of the businesses in Beaverton think of the Carlson Law Group as their law firm. I get referrals from many people who have told the referral “you can use my attorney” whether or not I have actually had an opportunity to help them with a particular legal issue.”
– Gary Carlson

“Owning your own business is a lot of work. Time and money are always under pressure. Knowing the BACC is fighting the good fight for my business saves me both:
TIME: they represent my business on candidates, measures and bills. They do so at the city, county and state levels.
MONEY: from taxes to ordinances to urban development, the outcomes directly affect my bottom line.
Glad to have them on my team!”
– Wendi Eiland, WENDI EILAND AGENCY, INC. ~ American Family Insurance