President's Message

A message from the Chamber President.

Welcome! We are glad you are visiting our website to learn about our Chamber.

What is the Beaverton Chamber? What do we do?” We are the community CATALYST, CONVENER and CONNECTOR 오버워치 다운로드.

CATAYLYST: We are a broad-based business organization, representing over 6000+ businesses with 85,000 jobs in our area 다운로드. We are the leaders of Beaverton that come together to work as the community catalyst. As the “Catalyst”, our goal is to be the think tank that causes activity between all of the pieces of our community, precipitates change for the betterment of our community and we are the enthusiastic, friendly, and energetic promoters of Beaverton 유플러스 유심 다운로드.

CONVENER: We are the only group or organization that has the resources that can bring together all players in the community (government and electeds, our schools, parks, police, fire agencies dslang.dll. business leaders) to work together and make positive change in our community.

CONNECTOR: We are the only group or organization that provides the volunteers and experiences (events) that are specifically focused on engaging business people (our members) multiple times per week to grow business relationships and provide visibility 다운로드. As the “Connector” our goal is to promote and foster the free enterprise system, retain jobs, promote the community and increase networking and referrals 다운로드.

We can provide experiences for you to connect and build relationships, we can provide co-op advertising that saves you money, we can open doors to specific businesses you’d like to meet when we are asked to, and if you are struggling we do have folks that we can connect you to for mentoring and more 주온 끝의 시작 다운로드.