Small Business Seminar

August 31st, 2018

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Leadership Beaverton Class of 2019 Announced

August 16th, 2018

Welcome to the next cadre of leaders!

Amanda Clark, Raindrop Social Media
Bianetth Valdez, HomePlate Youth Services
Catherine Ellis, Tualatin Hills Park & Rec
Curtis Dent, Aliat
Danielle Schira, Rebuilding Together Washington County
Dianna Ballash, COB – Mayor’s Office PI Coordinator
Eric Schmidt, Communications Consultant/COB
Glenn Bishop, Dirkse Counseling & Consulting
Hailey Mason, Big Al’s Progress Ridge
Jason Edwards, Koeber’s Interiors
Jerome Sibayan, Retired US Army/ COB
Jody Yates, COB – Site Development Manager
Jose Materan, COB
Joyce Barnard, COB – Mayor’s Office
Karla Barrett-Curtis, Beaverton School District
Keiley Baldwin, Cedar Sinai Park
Keith Welch, Beaverton Police Department
Kim Haughn, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
Kyle Gallacher-Turner, Rivermark Community Credit Union
Linda Evans, Twichell Beaverton Arts Foundation
Lori Baker, Tualatin Hills Park & Rec
Matt Altman, Portland Community College
Nik Stice, Columbia Bank
Nike – TBA
Rena Van Meter, Imagine Possibilities
Sgt. Kingsbury, Beaverton Police Department
Shaughn Sandford, Keller Williams
Todd Juhasz, COB-Transportation Division Manager
Toni Loch, Family Justice Center of Washington County
Tyler Ross, Payne West Insurance


Announcements Community News & What's Happening! Leadership Beaverton

Oktoberfest @ La Scalla is Almost Here

August 14th, 2018

Visit La Scalla for full details! 




We Sent Mike to School and ....

August 14th, 2018

Mike Goes Chamber

This past week I was given the opportunity to attend the Western Association of Chamber Executives Academy in Sacramento, California. This is a three year program of professional development attended by chamber executives from California, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.  This was a 3 day conference that covered a variety of chamber related topics.

Day 1– we spent the morning discussing and learning about the latest in chamber trends and issues, this gave us an idea of the latest and greatest ideas and issues going on in the chamber world today. In the afternoon we learned about chamber committees and boards. After the classes we attended one of several smaller group dinners where we could exchange ideas with other CEO’s and Directors as well as develop the needed relationships with our peers.

Day 2- What better way to start the day than to jump right into “Legal Basics” Although I thought this would be a tough one to keep the attention, it was engaging with a ton of interaction from the group. After lunch we dove right into Budget Preparation and Monitoring, also a very informative session.

Day 3– Covered Membership sales and Recruitment in the morning and Marketing and Communications in the afternoon.

Although it was a lot of information packed into the 3 day conference I feel very fortunate to be able to take part in such a great learning experience to give me a jump start on my chamber career. Thank you Board of Directors and Lorraine for providing the experience of a lifetime!


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Lucy Anne Smiles & Jayne Dahl Subscribe to T.E.A.M Beaverton

August 7th, 2018

A Great Big Welcome to our first T.E.A.M. Beaverton Subscriber Jayne Dahl!

Jayne is the CEO of Lucy Anne Smiles Designs: Original and Vintage Jewelry Creations.  She designs and creates original jewelry pieces by re-purposing vintage and unique finds from around the world. She studied Art in college while designing/selling jewelry and clothing. She loves to travel and her adventures around the globe allowed her to collect beautiful fabrics, stones, beads and more. She uses these treasures in combination with vintage pieces creating new and unique jewelry fashion designs. Each piece is original and one of a kind, inspired by places and people around the world. They each have a unique story to share. Coming soon will be mixed media art works!

Jayne is also a Past Board Chair of the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce. She knows first hand the benefits and support the Chamber provides to business of all sizes. It’s no surprise that Jayne was our first T.E.A.M Beaverton Subscriber. This is a program that is geared towards home based businesses like hers.
You can find her work at and you can follow her on

We think you will find by joining Jayne we are Better Together.

As a Home-Based Business would you like to subscribe at our introductory monthly rate of $25?  Check out the benefits of becoming a subscriber here.



Metro's Regional Affordable Housing Bond is a NO

August 7th, 2018

No one can deny we have a crisis when it comes to affordable housing in our area.

But what is the right solution? How do we tackle the issue straight on and ensure accountability in the results?

Last Thursday we CONVENED leaders, stakeholders and partners to learn about the Metro Affordable Housing Bond and the companion proposed constitutional amendment that will be on the November ballot.

Your Chamber supports the constitutional amendment (Measure 102) put forth to allow for public-private partnerships and ownership to be one part of the solution, but does not support the Metro Regional Affordable Housing Bond.

This was not an easy decision, and in my tenure, probably one of the heaviest decisions cast by our Business Advocacy Council and board members present. Our board knows we have a huge crisis on our hands and it is impacting our community and our businesses negatively .

The challenges with the $652.8 Million 20-year Bond include:

Metro does not have experience in affordable housing projects and the bond calls for a 7% administrative fee off the top. Washington County, since 1970, has the Housing Authority of Washington County in place (now called the Department of Housing Services) with almost 50 years of track record in the arena. This bond, if passed, would be adding an additional governmental layer and costs.

The details and levels of specificity needed to have the confidence that Beaverton and Washington County would receive its fair share of the resources are not in place in totality at this time.

The Metro bond, when retired at 20 years, will have actually cost property owners close to $1 billion dollars and meet, per Metro, only somewhere between 5 – 7% of the actual need in our area. 3,900 units and that is if the Constitutional Amendment passes, 2,400 if not.

The population served and eligible for this housing need wrap around services to be successful in housing and employment. There is nothing built in to the bond measure for such services.

Ultimately, this bond measure is an attempt to do something…anything. But throwing money at something without addressing its root causes is not in our best interest as the Beaverton community. We have to demand efficiency, accountability and results. To get beyond 5-7% of our area’s need for affordable housing, we must look at land supply, system development charges, and find ways to improve education and workforce training. Our community and residents deserve that.

We are hopeful that the constitutional amendment will pass and enable public-private partnerships for affordable housing to be a larger part of the solution for affordable housing projects going forward.

The Chamber leadership will work with our City, County and other stakeholders to make systemic changes and be part of a solution that will make long-term and effective changes for our residents and community. We can do better.

Lorraine Clarno, ACE



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