We Sent Mike to School and ....

Mike Goes Chamber

This past week I was given the opportunity to attend the Western Association of Chamber Executives Academy in Sacramento, California. This is a three year program of professional development attended by chamber executives from California, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.  This was a 3 day conference that covered a variety of chamber related topics.

Day 1– we spent the morning discussing and learning about the latest in chamber trends and issues, this gave us an idea of the latest and greatest ideas and issues going on in the chamber world today. In the afternoon we learned about chamber committees and boards. After the classes we attended one of several smaller group dinners where we could exchange ideas with other CEO’s and Directors as well as develop the needed relationships with our peers.

Day 2- What better way to start the day than to jump right into “Legal Basics” Although I thought this would be a tough one to keep the attention, it was engaging with a ton of interaction from the group. After lunch we dove right into Budget Preparation and Monitoring, also a very informative session.

Day 3– Covered Membership sales and Recruitment in the morning and Marketing and Communications in the afternoon.

Although it was a lot of information packed into the 3 day conference I feel very fortunate to be able to take part in such a great learning experience to give me a jump start on my chamber career. Thank you Board of Directors and Lorraine for providing the experience of a lifetime!