Business Advocacy Council

The Business Advocacy Council (BAC) is another benefit of partnership and provides a basis for the Chamber to act on local, state, and federal governmental issues.

The Chamber is proud to provide key legislative programs as another benefit of partnership. The Business Advocacy Council (BAC) provides a basis for the Chamber to act on local, state, and federal governmental issues. BAC members review and take positions on a range of business related legislation and issues and vote to approve any legislative positions that align with the board-approved public policy platform.

The BAC meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30am in the Chamber Lobby Conference Room. This meeting is open to all partners, while appointed council members have voting authority.

If you are interested in a formal appointment to the BAC, contact Lorraine Clarno by clicking the “Email Us a Question” icon to the right or her at call 503.350.2006.

Download a Powerpoint Presentation from Business Matters: The Voice of Business

Public Policy Board Handbook

 2016 Successes:

    • Defeated Measure 97
    • Passed the local Beaverton Public Safety Bond Levy
    • Washington County Vehicle Registration Fee for roads maintenance
    • Beaverton local TLT 4% tax for operations of the soon-to-be Beaverton Center for Performing Arts
    • Passed Measure 98 – CTE for all students and lowering drop out rates

 2017 – Current Issues

The November elections are not far away. While we don’t know quite all of the “for sures” yet on the ballot, we do know a few things.

After failing to get their gross receipts tax through the legislature, backers of Measure 97 submitted three new ballot measures to be voted on in November 2018, including another gross receipts tax.

  • Initiative Petition 25 would require publicly traded corporations filing Oregon taxes to disclose sensitive information on their Oregon operations, including sales, payroll, property owned, taxes paid, and much more.
  • Initiative Petition 26 would amend the Oregon Constitution to make it easier for legislators to raise business taxes, allowing new and increased taxes on businesses to pass with a simple majority instead of the 3/5 vote currently required.
  • Initiative Petition 27 would impose a .95% gross receipts tax on businesses with sales over $5 million. Unlike Measure 97, which taxed only C corporations, IP 27 would tax virtually all types of businesses to the tune of nearly $3.5 billion each budget cycle.

We also know that Portland Community College has filed for another bond (26-196) to construct job training space, improve classrooms, safety, technology.

May Elections – ALREADY HOT! May of 2018 (not a typo)….
Washington County Board of Commissioners Chair race is already out of the gate. The following have announced their candidacy and are out collecting endorsements and fundraising.
Ryan Deckert
Katherine Harrington
Bob Terry

Jerry Willey is running to replace Bob Terry’s seat.



Appointed Council Members for 2017

  • Dianne Danowski Smith, Publix NW – Co-Chair
  • Rhonda Reister, Beaverton Round Executive Suites – Co-Chair
  • Gary Carlson, Law Firm of Gary Carlson & Associates
  • Rebecca Carey-Smith, PGE
  • Randy Ealy, City of Beaverton
  • Keith Hobson, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation
  • Jim McCreight, Past Board chair
  • Christine Moore, Beaverton Valley Times
  • Ron Reichen, Precision Auto body
  • Steve Smelley, PayneWest Insurance
  • Patrick Wheeler, past board chair
  • Lorraine Clarno, BACC President/CEO